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  • How do I care for my "i.e." products?"
    In order to help keep your "i.e." products clean longer between wash cycles we recommend spaying the washable paper with a fabric protector. We use eco-friendly "ProtectME" (available on Amazon).
  • Are all "i.e." products machine washable?"
    Yes, all "i.e." products are machine or hand washable. Wash with warm water and any color safe laundry deterent or spot cleaner. When machine washing place your "i.e." product inside a washable garmet bag and wash on a gentle cycle. Shape bag to form and allow to air dry.
  • Can I pick my own trim color?
    Yes, you have the ability to customize your bag with a selection of trim colors. The trim color options are located on our product page. You can not go wrong with any color combination. All of the colors we offer blend perfect with eachother.
  • Do all of the label tags have the company name "i.e." on them?"
    Yes, our brand name "i.e." is located on every tag. "i.e." is always printed with black ink in lowercase American typewriter font.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    All of our products are made to order. At this time our production process is roughly two weeks from time of order. Once production is complete, the shipping option you select will determine how long the transport will take.
  • How many words will fit on the custom label tag?
    Three lines, consisting of 12 characters per line, in our signature American typewriter lowercase font, will fit on the tag.
  • Are the "i.e." custom tags printed in the same font?"
    Our signature font is American typewriter and all characters are printed in black lowercase letters. To coordinate with the classic, simple, chic look of our products, we highly recommend adhering to our signature lowercase American typewiter font. If you would like to discuss different font options please contact us and will recommend available options.
  • Is the "i.e." tag available in different colors?"
    To coordinate with the classic, simple, chic look of our products, all of our tags are white with black print. At this time we do not offer any other "i.e." tag color options.
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